Thursday, May 30, 2013

high school graduate

I didn't take a single picture on the day of graduation.

Luckily we were experimenting a few days before so I have a couple of pictures of Akayla in her cap and gown.

It was a nice graduation.

All the kids were there to support their sister - Tanner played in the band and Corina sang in the choir.

I cried.  (Of course I did!)

I also laughed and celebrated.

It was a great day!

Akayla had an early morning graduation rehearsal and then a huge breakfast.

Dave and I had an appointment with my midwife in the morning.

Akayla and I ran errands.

After graduation, and before Akayla got home the kids quickly decorated the house and made a big sign to congratulate her.

When she got home we gave her a graduation gift (her violin is her big graduation gift) - a photo book I made on shutterfly of all 4 years of high school.  It made her cry (of course it did!!), and it was the perfect gift!

We decided to splurge and take the whole family out to dinner to help Akayla feel extra special.

It was just what we needed after a long day (no cooking and dishes!!), and then we watched movies.

I'm not sad.
I will be when she leaves for college.
I'm happy for her, and excited for her.
I just don't like change.
I know it will be good, and that change makes us better.
It's just really hard too.
Nothing will ever be the same again - one by one my children are growing up and they will leave the house too.

We will never go back to this point - where all my kids (except the baby) are living under our roof and our protection.
Not that they won't come home for summer vacations or after missions, but it will be different.

And that's ok (or maybe I'll believe that if I keep telling myself it is).

We all went to bed at about 10:30, but that's when Akayla went to her all-night graduation party. (Sponsored by the school - a very safe and fun alternative to the other parties going on).
I remember when I could stay up all night and party - those days are long gone!
She got home at about 5:30 the next morning.

Glad that's all over!

And now she has a job (at Vanity in the mall) and will start working like a big girl!!

good things:
discounts on clothes
crisp diplomas
boxes all over my house (it means I'm moving!)

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frateslm said...

Oh the bitter-sweet! Here comes growth & wisdom plus some tears & more fasting & prayer. We wouldn't want it any other way, but it really isn't easy. You are right, it is never this way again. Enjoy the moments!