Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Moving Day was also Tanner's 15th birthday.

He got to celebrate by hauling heavy things and millions of boxes.

He was excited to get into the house and sleep here on his birthday, so he didn't complain at all.

We stopped all the craziness to eat some pizza (from some very good friends - they saved his birthday!)
and birthday cake that Tanner's friend Jori made him.

We were all too exhausted to do anything more than sit and stare at each other.

He got things he needed for his birthday - like church clothes - but he also got a whole basket full of food.

This kid thinks he's starving all the time, and he can't ever find something to eat.

Kind of a bummer of a birthday, but certainly memorable!!

We didn't know Tanner was a boy until he was born.

The ultrasound technician couldn't get a clear picture of him, so we were surprised.

My belly was tiny with Tanner (very uncharacteristic for me), and people were shocked when they discovered I was 40 weeks pregnant.

He was much busier in my belly than the girls had been also.

My doctor had wanted me to go in to the hospital on Sunday (a day before I was due) to check on some things.  I didn't realize he actually wanted to induce me that day.

The hospital and doctor were 40 minutes away from home, and we went in completely unprepared to have a baby.  We had the girls with us, and no bags.

When they handed me the hospital gown and started me on citotek I was a little shocked.

Dave took the girls to our friend's house and to get our bags.

I expected him back in about an hour and a half.

By the time he returned I was in hard labor.

Tanner was born about a half hour later.

Easiest labor and delivery by far, and he was my smallest baby.

Not sure what I did differently with that pregnancy, but I never could mimic it again!

We were so excited to have a little boy.

Dave especially was so enraptured with him.

Tanner was also my best nurser now that I think of it.

I was only sore for a couple of weeks (usually at least a month of excruciating pain), and he ate ALL THE TIME!!  (Kind of like now!!)

The hardest part about having Tanner was that Dave had to leave for a week (work training) a couple days after he was born.

My mom came to help during that week, but Corina was at a hard age and only wanted me.  I was struggling with postpartum depression, and couldn't deal very well with her stubborn and difficult personality.

We got through it though, and learned a lot.

Tanner was a hard kid growing up - he had a police record at 6 (a whole story of its own) - and he's a pretty typical teenager (sometimes hard, but mostly pretty good).

We have a special relationship though, and I love that kid!

We have our own little thing before he gives me a hug after prayers - and I'm going to miss that when Tanner goes on his mission.  And I will really miss the talks we have.  I may even miss all the teasing!

My boy has grown up!

good things:
a quiet house
the shade in our backyard

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