Friday, June 28, 2013


Blogging has been hard lately - I guess getting our new house all put together is higher on my list of priorities.

Not that I don't still think blogging is really important..... because I love that I have a place to keep our memories, and that it's a heck of a lot less messy than scrapbooking!!

I know a lot of people have been praying for us and worried for us because of our last ultrasound, (read about it here) and I wanted to share some updates with our dear friends.

Thank you by-the-way for all of the prayers, love and support.  We have amazing friends and family.

We had another ultrasound, and the technician was fabulous.  She was slow and very careful as she looked through every little body part on our little guy (and he is definitely a little guy - no question there!).

The most amazing thing was looking at his heart - which is now perfectly formed.
Not a single problem or missing valve.

His brain has also formed perfectly and all of the cysts are gone.

We don't know if he just needed more time to develop, or if the blessings and prayers helped us have our own little miracle.

Doesn't matter either way - our baby is perfect.

I know it's weird, but I was actually sad to know that he doesn't have down syndrome.

But, I do know the Lord has a plan for me and for my son.

I'm anxious to meet him, but I think I'll keep him in here a bit longer!

About 10 weeks to go!!!

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Ruth Whittacre said...

So happy to hear all is well your third little boy! :)

The Hulbert Family said...

Sometimes these experiences help us have more empathy for others. I know we have had some things this pregnancy that have been difficult, and though I am still sad about some things, I also look at it as a blessing in the sense that I can now understand in a small part what some other women go through.

Glad everything seems to be going well. He will be such a blessing in your lives.

- Janel

Annie and Family said...

So happy for you both!

April Buchanan Rosen said...

I am so glad to hear that everything is well with your little guy. I am so very excited for you and your family. I am excited to see your new addition.
Best of luck.