Monday, July 29, 2013

20 years later

I know a lot of people who hated high school.

I cannot relate because I really loved it - not the academic part, but the social part.

I have regrets - mostly that I didn't get serious about studying --- at all --- and I was kind of a ditzy little butterfly type.

Hard to explain, but I know my friends from high school would understand.

I was a good girl though, and I spent my time doing good things.

I had amazing friends, and I think that is what made those 3 years (freshman year was in middle school) so great for me!

They were all really good - and fun- kids, and we did so many crazy things together!




Christmas Dance - we all decided to go together instead of with dates.
Then we all crammed in to take the biggest group photo ever.
Such fun people, and such great memories!!!
I'm on the middle left side with my eyes closed with a blonde girl (Becky) on my lap
One of the best things I did my senior year was Seminary Council.
Hardest part was being asked to break up with my boyfriend of nearly 2 years (because he was also asked to be on the council), but I will never regret it!
These 14 kids are some of my very best friends.

Senior Dinner Dance - some of my girl friends
I still laugh about the BIG curly hair and bangs

Senior Dinner Dance -  some of my favorite people in the whole world STILL!!

At the senior dinner dance I was voted "Most Likely to have the Most Children"
At the time I was really embarrassed, but now I just think it's really funny - and fitting!
20 years later.....

It's really hard to believe that I graduated 20 years ago!!

We had a reunion this past weekend.

I can't tell you the anxiety this caused me.

A big reason for the anxiety is that I'm pregnant - hugely pregnant!

But I haven't seen these people aside from facebook messages and Christmas cards for at least 15 years, and many for the whole 20 years!

I didn't even decide to go until a few days before - I kept going back and forth about it all.

In fact I even decided that the only event of the weekend I would attend would be the family picnic so I could have my family (reinforcements) all around me to make me comfortable.  (So different from how I was in high school - I had no fears and could talk to ANYONE!  What happened???)  I decided not to pay $90 for the formal dinner/dance that evening.

We were invited to one of my best friend Tamara's house for breakfast that morning, which was amazing.  The food was heavenly, but the company was just what I needed.  Heidi and Jared came also (another one of my best friends that lives just a few minutes away).  It was perfect!

Then we went over to the park.

I just about had a nervous breakdown (I even tried to talk them all into driving back home), but my kids and husband talked me into walking over.

It turned out to be a great experience, and I am so happy I went.

This is what I learned:
*No-one thought I was weird with my 9 kids and 10th on the way (even though I was the only pregnant one there) - in fact they were very complimentary

*Every one of us has gotten older

*My kids had as much fun as I did because they recognized a lot of my friends from pictures and stories I have told - and they loved watching me and my friends together.

*I still have amazing friends

So many great memories, and I loved talking to all of them.

There were many who didn't come to the picnic, so I really regretted not attending the dinner/dance later in the evening.

I really wish I had gotten more pictures, but I was feeling a bit flustered.

I'm so grateful to the friends who took some and shared, and to my husband who took several fun videos of everyone.

Now..... back to real life!!!

good things:
rain on the sidewalk
squishy Landon bellies in swimming trunks
Tamara's pumpkin cheesecake muffins

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Kassie said...

Good for you! I skipped my 20 year reunion because I was in the same boat you are now. You're braver than I am.