Thursday, July 25, 2013


Yesterday was so hot, and our a/c didn't seem to be working.

The thermostat just kept going up and up and up.

I seriously went into the pit of despair for a little while wondering how I'd make it through August - pregnant with no a/c.

Well, I took a look at the thing on the wall and noticed that someone had touched a button that changed it to heat.

Good grief.

Today is much better.

But it's still hot, and I am hiding out in the coolest places trying not to go anywhere.

I crave ice like crazy.

I have big huge cups filled with (mostly) ice and water, and then I chew on that ice until it's all gone.

Dave thinks it will hurt my teeth, but I'm afraid I really need it right now.

He took me to Cafe Rio for dinner on Friday, and my favorite part of the meal - the tiny ice cubes in the sugar free lemonade.  I filled my whole cup up with those and took them home.  Heaven I tell ya!

My after-the-kids-go-to-bed Summer treat is shaved ice (love my BlendTec) with sugar free syrup.

I can't get enough of it.

I have gestational diabetes (not the first time), and it kind of stinks.

I have to check my blood sugar several times a day.
thought I'd put a cheesy picture here instead of my own finger getting poked!!

My kids think it's completely disgusting (it's only one tiny drop of blood for heaven sakes), but they're also pretty fascinated by the whole thing.

I'm on a really strict diet, which is no fun - but I'm learning a lot and I actually feel a lot better.

Last time I had gestational diabetes (Annalisa) - my baby was 9 pounds..... so I'm kind of curious to see if this little guy will be big too.  I haven't actually been tested for it with the past 3 babies, though I've always had blood sugar issues.  We'll see.

I'm crazy about my flip flops.

My feet are really puffy, and flip flops are the only thing that fit without pinching.

They got me through pregnancy with Landon, and I think after this baby is born they will need to be retired.

They're looking really haggard.

I feel weird wearing flip flops to church, but after last Sunday I may do it anyway.

It's better than barefoot right?

7 more weeks - I can do this!

good things:
ceiling fans
a cool breeze through my window at night
ear plugs

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