Friday, July 19, 2013


My favorite thing right now is sleeping in (at least 9:00), since my older children are doing the paper route all on their own.  (I was happy to help, but I do not miss the 5:00 wake up AT ALL!!).

Lately, because it's so nice and cool in the morning I just want to stay in my bed and pretend I don't hear any of my kids and their morning issues (like whining that they're hungry because I didn't make breakfast...... why can't we just skip breakfast??!!).

Landon always comes knocking on my door first, and though I've tried to ignore it.... the second I hear his little voice calling "mama!" I have to let him in and squeeze him.  

We snuggle together for awhile, and it's heavenly............. until he decides to fill up his diaper.

Then it's officially time to start the day!

My kids are doing great with their summer chores - especially their First 5 (they can't do ANYTHING until those 5 are done):

scriptures & prayer
reading 30 minutes
daily job (& spotless room)
and 5 learning pages

After that I just let them do what they want this year.
I want them to just go play and not make messes.
It's a pregnant thing.

As much as I am anxious to NOT be pregnant any more -
I am enjoying my lazy summer mornings too much to be ready for summer to end!

good things:
sugar free icee's
my laundry room
generous, kind people

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