Monday, July 15, 2013

summer treats

My kids look forward to their popsicles after lunch every day.

They always wrap them up in dishtowels so their hands don't get cold.

This is one of the few moments Lea and Landon get along.

About 20 seconds after I took this picture Lea came running inside saying Landon was following her.

He was chasing her trying to put his cold hands on her arm.
Silly boy! (He thinks he is so funny!)

One of the greatest things about this new house is our fruit trees (apple, peach and pear), all the little baby fruits growing all over them, and the raspberry bushes filled to the brim with beautiful ripe raspberries!

Since I have gestational diabetes I am on a very strict diet and have had very few treats.

I splurged tonight after family night, and my blood sugar numbers showed it (but it was sooo worth it)!!

good things:
our yard is coming back
a little bit of heaven
walking in the evening

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