Friday, July 12, 2013

Ferrara Music Studio

I started teaching a few piano students my senior year of high school.

Learned a lot, had some fun, and made some money.

I took a break from teaching until I was married and Akayla was a baby.

Since then my studio has become a bustling and fun-filled place with many students.
Next year I will have 28 students, but I've had 45 at different times.

I love coming up with creative activities to keep my students engaged and practicing.

I become very attached to my students, and I really truly enjoy teaching them how to play beautiful music.

I especially get excited when they start to love it and experiment with things on their own.

This past year Akayla joined my studio as a teacher with 10 violin & piano students of her own.

She is a natural, and her students really love her.

At BYU Idaho there is a 2-year program specifically designed for music majors to prepare to teach in their own home, and she's really excited about it.

She gets to take all kinds of fun classes.
I'm a little jealous because they didn't have that program when I went there.
But I think Akayla has a really good start already!!

Next year Corina will be joining my music studio - she already has a couple of cello students lined up and ready to go!

At the spring concert:
Akayla & 2 of her students I will be teaching next year when she's at college

My 3 girls who played at the recital.  Akayla has been teaching 2 of them and has done a great job!
Poor Elli has forgotten how to smile for pictures just like all of my other children at this age!!  haha

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