Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Johnson reunion / July 4th

 Our Johnson family reunion was at Downata Hot Springs in Downey Idaho this year.

We loved the pool, the water slides, the fire pit, the horseshoe pit, and the picnic area outside.

The cabin wasn't the best - 1 shower that worked, the worst decorating ever (cows all over the walls), and it was so tiny.

But we always have a great time together!

One of my favorite parts of each reunion is each family being in charge of a meal.
We get to try new recipes, and we also get a little break from cooking the entire time.
We always have DELICIOUS food!!!

After we checked out of the cabin we drove 40 minutes to our new house to spend 4th of July together.

Dad telling his famous "Windigo" story (and scaring some of the kids!):

scared grandkids - Foster's face pretty much sums up how the older kids reacted though .
Dad is so fun and dramatic!!
4th of July at our new house:
Happy Independence Day from the Ferrara kids!

they were supposed to look bored - I LOVE Landon's bored/scared face!

all the Johnson grandkids!
Annalisa & Ashley

Elora, Lexy, and Krissy
It was a huge thing having 30 people at our new house.

We have tried having huge groups at our old house and it was so crowded and difficult.

It made us so happy that we had room for everyone, and we weren't all on top of each other.

We love our new big house!!!

We played our first annual Johnson Fear Factor.

I so wish I had pictures instead of videos of some of the faces as they shoved octopus and jello saurkraut in their mouth.

We decided to make it a tradition and come up with even grosser things next year!!

Unfortunately the fireworks were delayed until about 11:20 p.m. so some of our family didn't get to stay and watch.

But it was a good show - and it was worth the wait!

good things:
family traditions
delicious meals
nice warm water

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