Tuesday, August 6, 2013

20 miles

Tanner has been getting a little closer to earning his eagle.

He has a little way to go, but now that he has finished drivers ed and has a permit he is a lot more anxious to get his eagle scout.  (He can't get his license until he's got that darn eagle finished - so 6 months of driving with a permit should help him keep up his motivation!)

Dave is trying to be a good supportive father, so when Tanner told him he had just one more hike to finish his hiking merit badge (a 20 mile hike) Dave jumped right on it.

It took them all day, and they were both very sore for a few days.

I'm pretty impressed with my boys!!

Tanner's dirty legs after the hike

the day he passed his test and got his permit

pictures of HIGH ADVENTURE

good things:
beautiful breeze coming in my bedroom window
getting baby things ready
minty fresh breath

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