Monday, August 12, 2013

extended family reunion - great grandma's 89th birthday

(I have a confession to make - I stole every one of these pictures from my cousin's wife.  We didn't take a single picture at the reunion, but I am so happy she took so many great pictures!)

Every other year we have a reunion with our extended family on my dad's side.

It's a great chance to gather family, especially since many are spread out.

I have to say - I have a really great family.

They're all good people, and they're doing good things with their lives.

They've always been so loving and supportive, and it's nice to grow up knowing you have so many people that have your back!

This year all 6 of my grandma's kids were able to come, and a lot of the grandkids (and even great grandkids).

Grandma was having her 89th birthday the next day, so we all had cake and sang Happy Birthday!

She's still so beautiful!

my sweet grandma with baby Jett

almost the whole group

Uncle Jeff with some of my cousins

my dad (on the right) with his oldest brother Arlyn

Aunt Bev, little brother Uncle Duane, and my cousin Emily

Uncle Val & wife Aunt Diana with some of their kids and grandkids

Uncle Bruce with 2 of my cousins

me and my sister-in-law Erin

Anna and Landon

Dave with my cousin Adam

the Bounce Houses were a HIT!!

Uncle Bruce, Aunt Julia, and sweet grandbabies

Aunt Virgie

Anna with cousin Ashley

Mariah & Elora with cousin Krissy

traditional sawdust pool money treasure hunt

Minute-to-Win-It Games

l-r Arlyn, Val, Gary (my dad), Grandma, Beverly, Duane, and Bruce

with the spouses - we all miss Grandpa so much!!

good things:
traditions you can count on
growing up
love and support from aunts & uncles

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