Thursday, August 29, 2013

eye issues

I had some flashing lights and weird little floaties in my eyes for the past week.

Dave kind of freaked out because he's heard of a retinal detachment that can cause blindness - besides the fact that my family has had some issues in the past leaving an aunt and an uncle nearly blind, and my mother had the same issue (but got right into the doctor).

I figured it was just a pregnancy thing - but I called anyway to ease my husband's mind.

Turns out flashing lights and floaties are a bit of an emergency, so I got right in to the doctor.

Akayla brought me so she could drive after the appointment, and she took care of Monster Boy (aka Landon) while I was in the exam room.

Lea came in with me and sat like a good little girl on the chair (actually she was a little distracted getting into all the stuff in my purse, but at least she was quiet).

They had to put these numbing drops in my eyes that actually hurt a bit, and Lea was quite concerned.

She stood right next to me and rubbed my leg like a little sweetie and said "Don't worry mom, I right here".  Totally melted me.

I have a vitreal (don't know how to spell that) detachment - so basically I'm fine as long as I don't strain my eyes over the next few weeks........ oh wait, I have to push a baby out in 2 weeks.  I wonder if that will possibly cause a strain on my eyes????

Hopefully it won't tear and cause bigger problems - the doctor wants to see me right after I give birth.

good things:
a sweet daughter (Akayla) who let me take a 2 hour nap and cleaned the whole house while I did

getting back on a schedule

lots of free vegetables from the church farm

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