Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the day of the Pocatello flood

Akayla, Corina and I were at Wal-Mart picking up some things Akayla needs for college.

It didn't seem like it would rain so we had left our windows open in the car.

Big mistake!

Suddenly a huge downpour hit, and it was a little scary.

People who were coming from outside were completely soaked!

We finished our shopping and considered just waiting until it stopped, but I had lessons in 15 minutes so we had to brave the storm.

Corina suggested Wal-Mart bags to keep from getting so wet.

All those people waiting inside thought we were brilliant when we went running out into that massive storm.

The car seats were soaking wet also!

Driving down the streets we couldn't believe the huge amounts of water filling up the streets everywhere.

Lots of cars were getting stuck on the side of the road because they couldn't drive through.

We had the suburban though so we could get through anything!

When we got home we discovered that Tanner's window well had filled up a few times with over a foot of water, but he and Adri had quickly run out and emptied it with buckets.

Lots of people living near us had flooded basements.

What an adventure!!

at least our hair didn't get wet!

photos courtesy of Idaho State Journal
and since I never got a picture of Corina for the last shopping post - here's one of her modeling at Wal-Mart (silly girl!)

good things:
we didn't get flooded
big cars
zucchini bread

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