Saturday, August 17, 2013

wisdom teeth

Poor poor Akayla had to get all 4 of her wisdom teeth out this week.

Even worse she had to go to the dentist rather than the oral surgeon and be awake for the whole thing.

Dave and I planned on getting her set up and leaving her there until she was done (it was a 2 hour thing), but when we saw tears coming from her eyes we decided to stay.

Dave was the best coach (brought back so many memories of childbirth that it gave me all kinds of anxiety just to be in the room), and he was able to keep her calm through most of it.

The dentist took a little break and Akayla was on laughing gas.

She must have felt so relieved that he had stepped out of the room that suddenly she was laughing hysterically for about 10 minutes straight.

It was hilarious!

So glad it's done now and she'll never have to do that again.

Her face is humongous, and I feel so bad for her!

I guess I kind of know what she'd look like if she got really fat! haha!

this picture does not do her cute little chipmunk cheeks justice AT ALL!!

good things:
pain pills
brothers & sisters who love to pamper their sister
watching lots of movies and eating ice cream

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