Tuesday, August 20, 2013

getting ready....

Lots of changes coming soon for the Ferrara family....

Since school is starting next week I took my 3 younger school girls shopping.......

(Shoes are the most fun!!)

Anna was most interested in athletic shoes -
she loves to run and do gymnastics, so she needs good supportive shoes for her bad ankles!

Elli couldn't' understand why I wouldn't let her buy these high heels!
She bought some pink sparkly Toms

Mars had a hard time deciding between these 2, but went with the more practical Toms (they're so comfy!)

size 3 in girls is the same as size 5 in women???
so many more grown up shoes to choose from in the women's section!!

.......and out to lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe!

It was so fun to be with these girls!!

I will miss them when they're at school all day!

And since a new baby is joining our family in about 3 weeks.....

I've been busy gathering and washing all the newborn boy clothes -
I gave away most of them (thinking we were done with babies)
so I don't have as much as I thought!!

I will never tire of tiny baby clothes, cute receiving blankets, itty bitty socks, or the adorable mini diapers that fit on their little bums.

We're getting very excited for this little one to come!

Lea (age 3) was rubbing my belly (I'm like Buddha to Landon and Lea - good luck comes if they rub my belly several times a day!) and I asked her if she was excited for our new baby to come.

She looked at me curiously and asked if it was a boy or a girl (we've discussed this a few times, but this time she was actually interested).  I told her it was a boy and she became immediately so sad.

She said she wanted a girl to hold and love.

I know she will adore her new baby brother - I just thought it was funny that she just now realized my belly has a baby in it and that it will be a boy or a girl!

Today I'm taking the older kids shopping for school clothes - wish me luck!
It's much harder to shop for picky teenagers!!

good things:
getting things done
fun plans for the day
making something out of nothing

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