Monday, September 16, 2013

the first leaves the nest

Unlike a bird who pushes its offspring out of the nest when the time is right - I'm afraid I tend to hold onto my little hatchlings for dear life dreading the moment when the time will come for them to try out their own wings and fly out into the world without me.

Because we had a new baby coming the day for Akayla to go really snuck up on me.

We came home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon and spent the rest of the day enjoying sweet little Mason.

Having a newborn in the house feels closer to heaven than any other thing in the world.

In the evening when everyone was ready for bed we all knelt together for family prayer (like we always do).

All 12 of us.

It was then that I realized it would be the first and last time we would pray together with all of our children living under the same roof.

Before you go thinking I'm overly dramatic --
I know she is only going 1 1/2 hours away.
I know she will be able to come home for visits.
I know she will always be my daughter.
I know this is a good thing.

Dave asked me to say the prayer - and I cried (and so did most of the kids) the whole way through.

We knew the next morning (Friday) would be crazy getting everyone out the door to school, and getting the rest of Akayla's things ready to go, so we had suggested the kids take that evening to say goodbye.

Akayla is such a sweet and loving big sister - her siblings will miss her terribly.

She spent the last few weeks taking each one of them out on a special date just the 2 of them.

It was such a great way for them each to have some sweet last moments just with her.

Friday we drove to Rexburg (Akayla, Dave and I and the baby) and got her moved into her apartment.

There were a couple moments that Akayla was overcome with anxiety and sadness - she was a little worried about her roommates at first, but by the end of the day things were great.  They will all be great friends!

We had to take care of a lot of last minute things - picking up her scholarship money, setting up a new bank account closer to campus, fixing her schedule, finding her books, going grocery shopping, and picking up things she didn't have yet.

It was a long and hard day - I had just given birth 2 days before.

I had to be left in the car with the baby a lot, or up in the apartment.
But I'm so glad I was there.

When it was time to go it finally hit me that we had to leave her there and go home.

I miss her.

But, it really helps to hear the great experiences she's already having and to see pictures of some of her adventures.

I really am excited for her, and I know she is exactly where she needs to be.
This is a very good thing.

It's just the beginning - she's only the first of a long line of little birds.
And maybe it will be easier to send off the others - maybe.

Dave was making Akayla do all kinds of cheesy poses -
here she is after putting her groceries away in her VERY OWN FRIDGE!!

her side of the room - as long as she has her Cade bear she will be fine!

my sweet girl!

Dave has a thing for this fridge - this is where he wanted his last picture taken with his daughter  ????

sweet roomies - they even say a prayer together before they go to bed

good things:
cell phones
friends with vehicles to drive her home


Kassie said...

I have sent missionaries off but not a daughter yet. That has to be hard, especially with wacky post-partum hormones!

clay said...

That is impossible! Weren't we just there attending school? I hope she has a great time!

Jordan Bennion said...

I am so jealous of these kids going up to school! I loved it there :) Hope she is having a great time, seems like it. You make the best of it thats for sure! Congrats on little Mason too! Hope I bump into you guys again, also I was wondering if you could send me your new address maybe? I know random haha I just have something for your family! :) Thanks!