Tuesday, September 24, 2013

enjoying baby

It's tough having a baby sometimes - for me it's been different every time, but I'm struggling with my emotions this time.  A bit more than just the baby blues.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and rather weepy a lot.  I think it doesn't help that we don't have Akayla here.  It did help a lot to have Dave home for several days, and so many great friends bringing meals and gifts.  My mama came to help for a few days, and Dave's mom flew out yesterday from Illinois to stay for a week. Maybe I'll get through this!

A friend of mine asked Annalisa if Mason is a good sleeper - she enthusiastically replied "yes, he sleeps all day long!"  My friend understood that of course that meant I'm not getting a lot of sleep at night!

I like to have a picture of each of my kids with the new baby.

They all want to hold him and touch him all the time.

He's very sweet and just lets them.

So far Mr. Mason is a very good baby - hardly cries at all unless he's hungry, and his cry is just a little tiny squeal.

His skin is so soft, and he smells so good.

We love newborn babies!!


Akayla (on the day we took her to college)




Corina -- Mason looks like a doll in this picture.  Kind of creepy!
I just realized there are no pictures of Tanner or Landon holding their brother.
Landon doesn't really hold him - he just likes to touch his head.
Tanner is so sweet with him, and I often catch him just stooping over to kiss him or to talk to him.
It's really cute!
I just have to get my camera and make sure to capture that!

good things:
sweet friends
baby breath
feeling a little like myself again


Becca said...

Precious pictures! I love the idea of getting one with each sibling & wish I had done that.

Jen said...

You are such an amazing woman, Ang! Hang in there!...you brought a new little one into the world and sent one out on her own all within a few days of each other. I can't imagine what that must feel like!

Beautiful pictures! I love those kids!

Love you!