Saturday, October 26, 2013


Corina and Adri took a little drive up to Rexburg for a visit.

They stayed for only one night but they had a great time.

They slept in really late (Dave & I did their paper route), had fun with Akayla's roommates, went to the Jenny Oaks Baker concert, and met a lot of Akayla's friends and FHE group.

It was a perfect short little weekend (and I'm jealous I couldn't go!).

They did have one little mishap - they didn't have a parking pass for Akayla's apartment complex so when they went outside in the morning they had a boot on their car and had to pay $50 to get it off.  Oh well!!

I'm so happy my girls are best friends!

Even better - Akayla's roommate drove her here THIS WEEKEND so we all get to enjoy her!!

good things:
being silly
Dave fixed my speakers
Downton Abbey discs from Netflix to watch tonight

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