Friday, November 8, 2013

I know it's late.....

We had a great Halloween this year.

We went to our ward (church group) chili cook-off the night before Halloween that was a lot of fun.  We are still getting to know people here, so we sometimes feel like outsiders - but it was a good night!

On Halloween I didn't have to teach (!!) any piano lessons so we got ready nice and early and Dave took the younger kids trick or treating.  

Corina went to a trunk-or-treat with some friends, and Adriana went trick or treating with her friend Caitlin (it's her last year so she wanted to make it a good one!).

We all gathered back at our house at 8:30 for our traditional pizza and "The Ghost & Mr. Chicken" movie party.  It's our 18th year in a row doing this tradition, and we still laugh at the funny parts and hide our heads on the spooky parts.  I love it!!!

I'm not one of those cool moms that make matching costumes for my kids - I don't sew, and I'm not willing to spend the money on a one-night thing when they're just going to be covered with coats anyway!  We have boxes and boxes of great costumes, so my kids get to pick whatever they want to be.  Usually they end up switching costumes around for the many activities they go to - a cowgirl for the school party, a 50's girl for the friend party, and then a witch the night of Halloween!  We love dressing up!

I bought this little outfit only a month ago -
 it's a newborn size, and he's already too long for it.
Sad day.

the whole crew

Landon the pirate.
We had a tweedle dum costume that he refused to wear
so we had to wrangle this costume together

Elli the cowgirl

Adriana and her friend Lindsey put these costumes together -
no clue what they are - but they're really cute!

Lea the witch
(if only you knew how fitting this costume is for her this year -
next year we're going with the angel costume though!)

Mariah the hippie
(count how many times Mars does this same pose -
complete with peace signs)

Tanner the ninja
We don't have very many boy costumes for some reason
(maybe because we have 7 daughters!)
The last 2 years Tanner has gotten really creative with his costumes!

don't forget Anna the devil

Corina was at a National Honors Society service project,
but she came at the end for a bowl of cold chili

Dave was Indiana Jones -
 look at my studley husband with his rope (vacuum chord)

I know it's unpopular, but we've started listening to Christmas music over here, and my Christmas shopping is nearly done!  Hooray for fall!

good things:
the weekend (hallelujah!)
sleeping baby
naptime for Landon

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