Tuesday, December 3, 2013


A few weeks ago we attended a Young Women in Excellence with our daughters.

The theme was about beauty.

It was a powerful reminder - that these wonderful young women need to remember how beautiful they are because they are God's daughters.

Sometimes the world gets so caught up in outer appearance.

It's so easy to compare ourselves to the model on the magazine, or most especially to the beautiful people around us.

I hope my 2 lovely daughters who attended (Corina & Adriana) will remember how they felt that night.

They felt special, loved and beautiful.

We recently got Corina's senior pictures back.
Corina is so beautiful - inside and out.

I love her gorgeous smile, her sweet quiet ways, her love of all that is good, her sparkly eyes, her funny laugh, her kindness with others, her desire to excel, her intuition, the example she is to her younger siblings and others around her, her amazing musical abilities, her fabulous red hair, her silly quirks, her sense of style, her fun personality, and the way she talks like Jane Austen.  She's definitely one of my favorites!

I just can't believe she's going to graduate already and go to college.

I'm so proud of her!

Corina's Senior Pictures:

At the Young Women in Excellence this video was played.
The young men in our ward (including Tanner) put it together.  

It's completely silly - but it made the girls feel so good that the boys would do this for them!!

Tanner makes me laugh..... 
he ended up in a lot of the shots (I think because he's a ham and because he actually knows the lyrics to this song from hearing his sisters play it so much!)

good things:
cheesy romantic Christmas movies
good morning kisses from my sweetheart
shaving my legs 


Hayley Mendenhall said...

that was good

Erika said...

How tall is Corina?

Erika said...
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Ang said...

Erika - Corina is 5'8" and Akayla is 5'2". It's pretty funny that even Adriana is taller that Akayla at 5'3".