Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving in pictures

Our Thankful Wall -
we each wrote something we were thankful for every day of November
I love the great insights my kids came up with!!

doing the paper route Wednesday night

Jen was so sweet to help the kids with their paper route Wednesday night
(so they didn't have to get up so early on Thanksgiving!)

we cannot get enough of our chubby boy!

The weather was fabulous so Landon got to play outside

smiley Mason


we love having this sweet girl home!

checking out Black Friday deals - nothing worth going out for!
It was so fun having Dave's sister Jen come for Thanksgiving!

typical Landon - undressed and playing in the flour

the kids just hang on Akayla - everyone wants to sit with her and have her sleep in their room
We miss her being here so much!!

Thanksgiving day also happened to be this guy's birthday.
We celebrated Friday night with crepes.
He's the best!!

The only bad part about our Thanksgiving weekend was the stomach flu.
I got it Thursday evening and several others had it Friday night including Jen & Akayla.
Luckily it's only a 24 hour bug so most of us are better now - Tanner and Elli were the last ones to catch it last night.

good things:
a fresh new week
Christmas decorations
good schools

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