Friday, February 14, 2014


Some things I'm LOVING right now:

I'm in a healthy challenge group right now, and I'm trying to eat 100% "clean".

If you know me well you know I LOVE coconut ANYthing.  

I'm using this coconut oil in everything and it's amazing!!

My kids got me this plug-in air freshener for Christmas with some yummy wax melts.

My room always smells so good now, and I'm IN LOVE with it!

I have recently been listening to Mindy Gledhill a lot, and I even have a Mindy Gledhill radio station on Pandora that is my new favorite.

I LOVE that it makes me feel calm and happy.  
She just has such a sweet and cheerful style!

I'm a Downton Abbey fan, and this 4th season has not been disappointing.

Akayla loves it too and we call each other after we watch it so we can talk about it.

It's intense.

I LOVE all the drama and intrigue!

It's been a great week leading up to Valentine's Day.

I thought it was funny that Corina and Adriana were a little bummed that they don't have Valentines this year because Mariah was busy making a cute little card for her favorite Valentine.  They've got plenty of years ahead for Valentines.  

We had a great family night on Monday and talked about all the different loves to celebrate during this week of love.  (All from the scriptures - God's love for us, love for our neighbors, love for our enemies, love for our siblings, etc.).   We talked about CHARITY and how we each need to work to be filled with GOD'S LOVE for others.  Then we discussed how the unkind things we say and do affect the members in our family.  Too much criticism, too many names being called, and too many harsh tones.  We all agreed that we are best friends and that we need to be more loving towards each other.  Then we gave our wall a "heart attack" and wrote things we love about each other on a bunch of hearts.  It was a really good night.

I made sugar cookies with Lea and Landon.

They loved frosting and decorating them (and eating about 100 each).  

I said "smile" and this is what I got!!
haha funny kids!

I helped Mariah make a Valentine's box for school.

She really wanted to make a purple minion (she probably saw some others that kids brought - it seems to be a favorite this year).  

Projects like that kind of stress me out - I'm really not very crafty or artistic at all.

But it turned out cute, and I loved spending time with one of my favorite girls!  

We had a lot of fun making it!  

good things:
my sweet romantic husband
funny kids
when owies get better

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