Thursday, April 24, 2014

Utah trip

Akayla, Corina, Tanner & Adriana had a plan to take a little trip to Utah.

They wanted to stay in a hotel, eat out, go shopping, play at Boondocks, and go see Les Mis at Hale Center Theater.

The only problem was that they had to have someone at least 21 years of age stay with them at the hotel.  

So they invited me along!

It was a fabulous weekend away!

We stayed at a really nice hotel right in the heart of Salt Lake City, we drove around downtown, we found a Cheesecake Factory to eat at (and then settled for mall food because the wait was so long and the food pretty expensive - we did get a few slices of cheesecake to share though), and we swam and enjoyed not getting pestered by any little kids!

The next day we drove to my parents house and instead of spending the afternoon at Boondocks we did a whole bunch of shopping.  It was heavenly!

Mom made us crepes for dinner, we watched a movie with my parents and got Menchie's frozen yogurt, and we went to bed really late.

Sunday we went to church, relaxed, and spent time with my family.

Monday we took a drive down to Provo to see BYU (since Corina will be there next year).  

We ran into a girl going into the dorm Corina will be living in next year, and she happily gave us a tour.  It's a brand new dorm, and the rooms are SOOOO nice!  It is way better than the apartment Akayla stayed in this year! 

We checked out the whole campus, and walked around the Wilkinson Center.  Corina saw many many attractive young men so she is ready to get down there and start school!!

We ended our visit with some ice cream at the creamery.  Yum!

We rushed back, picked up all of our stuff and drove over to see my brother Brandon's (& SIL Ayrial's) new house.  We had a quick tour (it's so beautiful!), and then rushed over to the theater.  Because of some dumb GPS advice we ended up taking the wrong freeway exit.  We met my parents outside the theater with seconds to spare.  

LES MIS WAS SO AMAZING!  I had seen it in High School at the Capital Theater a couple of times, but this was so much better.  I cried my way through the entire production.  I love the story, I love the music, and I loved the actors.  My kids had ordered tickets a couple months early so they had front row seats.  Akayla was actually afraid someone would spit on them as they were singing.  My mom had really lucked out getting us 3 tickets further back (but still great seats!).  

We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel, and enjoyed berry cobbler afterwards.  

Such a perfect end to our little getaway!

this is the face these crazies made at the cars passing by.....
they had way too much fun in the back seat!

Yeah.......we make weird faces.

good things:
coming home to a clean house

no-one to wake me up in the middle of the night

hot tubs

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