Monday, April 21, 2014


Things have been just a bit crazy around here the past couple of weeks, and it's not over yet.

I will post later about Akayla's mission farewell and birthday, but today we are celebrating Adriana.

She turned 14 yesterday, but because of all the craziness with Akayla, Adri was a little overlooked.

Today is her day.

Last week she tried out for the Century High School cheerleading squad.

We're really not cheerleading people (in fact Dave is pretty much completely against it, but he was ok with her trying out), but it was something Adri really wanted to do. She's a great tumbler, and she wanted to prove that she could do it.

Saturday we found out she not only made it, but she made it onto the JV team (as an incoming freshman!).  She's super excited (obviously).  We'll have to see if Dave will let her stay on the squad.

Things I love about Adri:

*She knows what she wants and she goes after it

*She's always cheerful and has a positive attitude about everything

*She's silly and fun

*She is extremely driven and self motivated - even when she's busy she makes sure to practice both instruments and singing also

*She works hard to maintain her 4.0 in school

*She is not silly about boys

*She is kind to everyone

*When I hear her sing it makes me cry because she sounds like an angel

*She loves Jesus Christ, and she has the conviction to follow Him no matter what other people think

*She's beautiful but she really doesn't know it

*She has unique ideas and loves to try new things

I'm excited to celebrate this girl tonight.  
She's excited to finally be 14 and go to stake dances!!

good things:
so many supportive people in our lives
the mess of my house because it means we had loved ones around
leftovers for breakfast

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