Tuesday, April 8, 2014

spring break

Spring Break was great.

We did a bunch of spring cleaning (I liked it, but my kids sure didn't), watched every Studio C sketch there ever has been, played at the park, played basketball outside, enjoyed the sunshine - then groaned at the snow the very next morning, watched movies, went shopping, and played games.

Akayla got a ride home from a friend for the weekend, so I was able to take 5 of my girls to the General Women's Meeting.  After the meeting we ate sundaes at the church with the other ladies in our area, and then we went to Chili's for dinner.  We laughed and laughed and ate delicious food of course!

me + my 5 oldest daughters = a happy and blessed mama

It was so fun to just be with my girls for a little bit.  I didn't feel like I got a lot of time to relax during the break.  I'm always cooking, cleaning and taking care of little kiddos needs so there is just never enough time for me.  I really felt like the time was valuable.  We ended up going to the grocery store afterwards and got home pretty late.  I think Dave was ready to pull his hair out by the time we made it home.  I really appreciated his willingness to take care of the littles on his own, especially when he's not used to it.  It's a tough job!

Looking forward to summer break!!

good things:
eating breakfast for dinner
new season of Studio C

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Cami said...

It was fun to see you at Chili's with all your sweet girls!! What a fun night to be able to take our sweet daughters to listen to a conference for Women. What a bonding moment! I know my sweet McKay said she won't ever forget it.