Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This crazy girl of mine turned 10 last week.

Wasn't it just last year that she looked like this.....???

We celebrated with fettucine alfredo (Mariah's very favorite), and brownie sundaes (also her favorite).

And of course she was spoiled with all kinds of love and great presents!

Tanner was on a trip with a friend so he missed the family party

What a cutie!

10 things I love about Mars:

1-She has a great smile and it's almost always on her cute face

2-She is tender-hearted

3-She is obedient

4-She is silly and fun

5-She is a loyal friend

6-She loves music and dancing and she's very talented in both

7-She's super smart and loves school

8-She doesn't complain a lot - she's just so easy going

9-She is generous and thoughtful

10-She adores each person in her family

good things:
choosing the perfect present
sunny days
walking with a friend

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