Thursday, May 15, 2014

end of the year activities

This time of year is always super crazy busy, but it's always full of fun too!

the weather has been amazing so the kids like to walk to the park
Anna loves to be Mason's 2nd mommy!

Academic Excellence Award Ceremony
Corina has definitely earned this with all the
AP and dual enrollment classes she has taken.
And she gets straight A's on top of all the
other activities she's involved in!

National Honors Society Graduation
Corina is graduating with a 4.2 gpa so she was
awarded the Highest Honors blue stole
These kids will all sit on the stand at graduation
I can't believe she's already graduating!

great friends!

Mariah's talent show - she played the piano
She won 1st place in her class talent show so she got to
perform for all the 4th & 5th graders
She did a great job!

Tanner & Landon jumpin'

Adriana sang at her school talent show
She did a beautiful job!

Corina's last symphony concert of the year

before Akayla left she brought these cute girls to I-JUMP........

.......and out to dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe
nothing like that Oreo Pizza in your teeth!!

Corina & Mason
taking a break from studying for finals

One of our favorite treats - stuffed artichokes!
Daddy makes them the best,
and we end up with piles and piles of leaves

Mason is finally in a big boy bed
and crawling all over the place!

Corina's 2nd Prom with DJ Bates

This is a GREAT group of kids

Lately daddy has been planting more fruit trees,
and he left some holes for these 2 little stinkers to dig in
Leandra & Landon LOVE looking for bugs too!

Mariah & Elli have spirit week this week
This was Decades Day

PINTEREST win right here!  Healthy yummy bite-sized snacks

See how much they love it!!
We got lots of pictures from our cute missionary this week!

Akayla loves her district,
and her companion is PERFECT for her!
(Her companion is Sister Hodges and
she's standing right next to Akayla)
All of these girls are even going to the same mission
so they will probably see lots of each other!

Landon just chillin' in the morning waiting for his
best buddy/partner in crime (Lea) to wake up!
 Lookin' forward to lazy summer mornings reading books together on the couch!

Life is good!

good things:
cool breeze coming through the windows
allergies are dying down
accomplishing hard things

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