Sunday, May 18, 2014

changes ahead...........

I used to think I liked change.
I loved moving my living room furniture around every few weeks, and I was always excited to try new things.

Maybe it's just because we've had SO MANY changes this past year -- life altering changes (new house, new schools, new ward/church group, new friends, new baby, daughter going to college and then a mission, etc.).


Unfortunately, changes are coming.

Dave has taught at Century Seminary for 9 years now and loved every minute of it.

He loves the kids and the families that he interacts with, and he especially loves his best friend Jeff Smedley.  They work perfectly together, and have so much fun together!  

This year Dave is being transferred to Highland Seminary.

The people Dave will work with are GREAT, and there's a lot of good things at Highland.  In fact, Dave will only be about 5 minutes away (instead of 15 minutes each way), so he could even come home for lunch.  Almost all the kids in our ward (church group) go to Highland, which would be good for our kids.  It's hard to feel like an outsider with the kids you have to interact with all the time because they all go to a different school than you do.  

Which brings up the hardest part of the change......Adriana.

She has looked forward to going to Century since Akayla started her freshman year there.

She has watched her sisters and their friends and has wanted to experience the same things.

She has so much Century pride that we painted her bedroom teal, black & purple.

She wanted to be in the plays at Century, and in Century Singers, and she had just made it onto the JV cheerleading squad.

We discussed it as a family.
In Pocatello there's an open-school policy.

Adriana could go to Century with some of her friends and do all those things she wants to.

Or she could make a change and go to Highland with her dad and brother.

And of course she chooses to be with her family!!
Plenty of tears have been shed, but Adri has a very resilient personality!
She is looking forward to new things, and is actually excited about going to Highland next year!

I was thinking about this the other day and I realized that all change - no matter how good it may be - feels like a loss.  Because in order to change something you have to give up something else.  And it might be something that you really love. 

Here's to embracing more change!

good things:
painted toes
folded laundry

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