Thursday, May 22, 2014

my beautiful BIG family

Sometimes I look around me and think.......where did all these kids come from?

I mean seriously!!

I always wanted a big family.

One of the things on my "checklist" when I would date a guy was that he MUST want a big family.

When Dave and I were dating and he told me he wanted to have as many children as the Lord would send...... I knew he was perfect for me!

Even though pregnancy, childbirth, and toddlers are hard it never stopped my desire.

I once taught piano lessons to a little girl (not of my faith) who asked me if we had all those kids because we believed it would get us into heaven.

I thought it was cute and funny, but it made me realize that 1) people misunderstand the doctrine of the LDS church (click the links if you wonder what I'm talking about), and 2) that people think I'm nuts for having so many kids!

And just so you know - we don't have all these kids because our church tells us to.  I know plenty of LDS people with one or two kids and that is perfectly fine!

haha!  It's ok - sometimes I think I'm nuts too.

But I mostly just love it.

Who wouldn't want to have all those best friends surrounding them all the time?!!

Besides - they make me look better since they're all so GORGEOUS!!

Thanks Kimberli Watt for taking these lovely pictures - it's not easy getting a good picture of 12 people (especially when it's totally raining outside)!!

I'm a lucky mama!

good things:
sleeping in
dancing with my sweetie while everyone else sleeps

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GrannyLanny said...

Fabulous picture of a fabulous family. Just getting everybody ready is a major project--and you all look great.