Monday, May 26, 2014

moving on.....

Seminary Graduation.........

with her favorite seminary teacher!!

Rachel & Corina did a BEAUTIFUL musical number --
Rachel sang and Corina played the cello


Corina looked stunning in her new graduation dress!
Too bad it was covered by a cap and gown!!

the blue stole was for Academic Excellence
(higher than 4.0 and more than 3 AP classes)
the gold chords were for National Honors Society
Corina got to sit on the stage because she was in the top 3% of her class graduating

 \Field Day at the Elementary School.........

Mariah was on student council this year so she received a special award
Final 8th grade choir concert........

with Mr. Horn and best friend Alayna
These girls sang in "Dolce", the auditioned all-girls choir
and it was FABULOUS!!
Next stop - HIGH SCHOOL!!!
good things:
working in the yard
coconut syrup

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