Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day

We spent most of our Memorial Day working --
cleaning and organizing inside, and yardwork outside.

Dad and Tanner (mostly Dad) are building a super amazing playset in the back yard.

We are trying to think of ways to keep Mr. Landon in the back yard instead of trying to escape to the front.  There are horses across the road, and he really wants to go see them.

We put in a deadbolt that's really high on the door to keep him in, but he and Lea climb on each other's backs and open it up.  Grrrrrr.......

It's so nice to have swings again, and it's going to be so fun!

It has a bridge, 2 tall towers, and all kinds of other fun things!

We put together our SUMMER BUCKET LIST, and we started on our SUMMER POINTS LIST (see link if you don't know what I'm talking about).  

My kids are totally motivated to work really hard in the morning so they can play the rest of the day.

I'm happy because we're not wasting away our day's off!

sprinklers under the tramp with cousins Jacob and Alex

We went to the Field of Heroes
It was very inspirational and a good reminder

What a great way to start our Summer Break!!!

good things:
self motivated kids
getting a letter in the mail
lots of friends at our house 

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The Youngs said...

It is fun how you create a list of things you want to do so you won't be sitting there saying something like - what are we going to do today and nobody coming up with anything everyone will agree to... I might have to use it - even if it is just the three of us, we sometimes cannot seem to figure out what to do. :)

Why the different color squares on the bucket list? Any reason?