Wednesday, June 4, 2014

pet peeves

I really do try not to focus on negative thoughts.

I have to admit though that I have some pet peeves - little things that just grate on my nerves......

*hearing people chew

*when my kids drop ice on the ground and leave it there- then it melts and I step on it in socks

*people who use a favorite phrase over and over or use the "phrase of the year".... this year it's "not gonna lie", or "LOL"

*dirty socks left in the middle of the floor

*people who try to give "advice" that have never been in my situation.... I just think in my head "come back to me when you have 8 more kids and a few teenagers - then you'll have a clue!"

*people who tell you every little tiny detail about the show or movie they just watched.  If I want to watch it I will - don't describe it all to me!!

*Things on my counters.  This one feels completely out of my control, but it still bugs me!

*Mean people  

*People touching me with their feet --- ewww!!

Ok, I got that off my chest.
Now I feel much better!

What are your pet peeves?

good things:
the smell of the bbq
playing my favorite instrument again
beautiful music


Tamara J said...

Pretty much everything you mentioned, except advice about 10 kids. Love you!!

Nathan and Shanna said...

A lot the same as you and people who don't use their blinker while driving.

Ruth Whittacre said...

I concur...especially the "popular phrase thing" (although I am guilty of my own) the one that still bugs me to this day is "I heart" this or "I heart that" what ever happened to just using the word 'love' anyway...oh goodness don't get me started...