Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer lovin'

We went to the free family night at Randy's Extreme.

Do you think we're so rude?  

We always wait for the free days (we can't afford to go any other time) when we go on family outings.

They didn't complain so I hope they weren't bugged.

I pay them every month for my kids to go to tumbling there, and the older kids go to Adventure Time all the time!

Randy is so impressed with Tanner's parkour skills -
he even asked him to come help him teach his parkour classes

 Corina and her favorite boy...... Dave finally had to have the talk with her (asking all kinds of embarrassing questions I already knew the answers to, but it's a dad duty thing).

Adri and her favorite boy (and Adam, the photo bomber).  She has a group of about 6 boys that she hangs out with all the time (and they all like her - funny funny.  I've seen this happen with another daughter, and it ended up in a fist fight).

Lemonade stand..... they made a bunch of money and then the ice cream truck came and enticed them to spend it all.  Money burns a hole in their pockets.  Sad.  It was good lemonade though.

Elli and Mars have loved getting new board games from the library and playing them together a bunch

You gotta get the obligatory sunglasses picture on the baby who doesn't want them on.....

good things:
my day off
kids that work hard
listening to my kids practice instruments

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