Sunday, June 8, 2014


It's so hard to believe that my little boy is 16 now.  

I remember him at this age......

When he was 6 I asked him if he would like to go on a mission someday.

He said nah.

But then he re-thought his answer and said.... "I'll pretty much be Spider Man by then.  I could just web everyone and teach them the gospel!"  

He's always been crazy about super heroes.

Today in church our bishop brought him up to the front and told everyone that Tanner is Super Man.
Not only is he a crazy stunt man that flies through the air - but he has a heart of gold.

I'm so proud to call this boy my son!

He's 16 now so he can officially date (and already has his first date all lined up). 

But first he says he's going to take his mommy on a little date.

Love this kid!

Some of Tanner's friends came and kidnapped him the morning before his birthday.

One of his best buds left that day to work in Wyoming, so they did it a day early.

These are some great kids, and I love having them in my house!  

they had to make him look silly!

Tanner got to have his very best friend, Josh Pratt, come stay for a whole week.

These 2 boys have way too much in common.

They had a blast figuring out a bunch of card tricks and wowing everyone they could get to "pick a card".

They had a great week together, and Tanner was so happy to have him here for his birthday!


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Weideman said...

Hi Angela. I was at a ward party tonight in Weiser, when my friend, Sharalee Walker, told me she knew the perfect violin teacher for my girls in Pocatello (we are moving there in August). She raved about you and then told me your name... I know that name! I was actually a seminary student of your husband's in Parma, back in the day and we ran into your family in our ward once in South Dakota! Small world! Beautiful family by the way! So I am looking for a violin teacher for my 10 & 12 year old girls (will be their 4th year) and a 1st year cello teacher for my 8 year old, and a piano teacher for my 12 year old. So if you teach any of that and have openings for the next school year or can give recommendations that would be so great! I also saw mention of clogging and I am looking for a clogging classes for 4 girls as well. My email is Thank you so much, Ruby Weideman