Saturday, June 14, 2014


This pretty little girl had a birthday recently!

7 things I want to remember about Miss Elli at age 7:

1)  She loves earning as many points as she can every day on her job chart, so she asks for more tasks to do.

2)  She is super smart - school comes easily.  She was given a Math Award, and a Reading Award during 1st grade

3)  She cries easily.  She has a sensitive little heart, and she is kind to others because of it.  But, she loves to tease, and totally cracks herself up!

4)  She has become extremely picky this year.  Nothing I cook is appealing to her.  But she eats it anyway (after complaining a bit).

5)  Boys are really gross.  Especially the ones that chase her (and her best friend) every day at recess trying to kiss her.  Blech!

6)  She loves to look in the mirror and talk to herself.

7)  She loves practicing the piano and wants to start learning the violin this year.

good things:
girl's night
cold cereal

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