Monday, June 16, 2014

these kids though......

This girl has had some rough patches with friends.
I know it will pass because it always does.
But it's still hard to be the mom and have to watch her go through it.

We've been soaking up the sun over here (and getting lots of freckles!)
Elli is our little brown girl.
Where did she come from?

She asked me the other day why the angels don't like her (we always talk about our angel kisses so our kids will love their freckles!). 

I just told her the angels kiss her too, but her skin is so brown they're invisible.

This silly girl wanted to do a fashion show (in her pajamas).
We had to work really hard to hold the laughter in.
She is always making us laugh.
She is just FULL to the brim with personality!

Anna gave this sweet little boy a pony tail.  
I'm in love with his beautiful brown eyes!
And his chunky belly.
And his fat cheeks.
How am I going to leave him for almost 2 weeks?
My heart is already breaking!

little red cheeks from his nap
This boy also thinks he needs to be standing and pulling himself up to everything.

He is not content to just be on the floor any more!

On Father's Day Dave got a text from an unknown number.
It had this adorable picture and a caption that said "Happy Father's Day!"

Such a wonderful surprise from a very kind woman who came through the Trail Center that day!

And another sweet woman had taken this picture and tried to email it to us.  (We finally got it today with Akayla's letters.)  

I just really like nice people who understand how much we're missing our beautiful daughter and dying just to see her sweet face!

Life continues to be full and fun.

July is just around the corner, and it's going to be a crazy whirlwind of a month!!

I can hardly wait!

good things:
taking myself out to lunch
reveling in the silence
a new workout plan

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