Sunday, June 3, 2012

getting ready

Summer hasn't really started for our family yet.

The older kids are out of school, but I still have 2 in school until the end of this week.

Last week Tanner had band camp from 8-3 every day.

Corina had drivers ed last week and this week from 8-(depending on the time she drives) 3.

This week Akayla and Mariah have clogging solo camp from 7-11.

I thought things would start slowing down for me but it's actually been busier.  

I'm completely looking forward to next week when Summer officially begins!!

Every year on the last Monday of school we do a family night where we make our Summer bucket list (we plan tons of fun activities to accomplish before summer officially "kicks the bucket" -- see here for last year's) and print out our Summer Points Chart.

Here's how it works:

* Everyone must accomplish their "First Five" every day.

* If they would like to earn more points (so they can play)  there are extra tasks they can do.

My kids actually really look forward to our Summer Points Program, and there's little to no fighting because kids are busy doing good things (and helping each other) so they can do what they want.

It has completely eliminated the typical Summer chaos (and parents praying for kids to go back to school so we can get back to a schedule!!)

I have plenty of time to enjoy my kids, but my house isn't a disastrous mess either.......and we still get laundry done!!

It is blown up BIG and laminated so it's easy to wipe off and use again every day.

This is what it basically looks like:



1   personal prayer
& scripture study

10 points

2  daily jobs


10 points

3 Practice piano
and ______________

10 points

4 read 30 minutes &
2 learning pages

10 points

5 bedroom sparkling

10 points

Extra Tasks

Extra Points

5 finished by noon

25 points

do a service for someone/
personal progress or scouts

15 points

read 15 minutes from New Era/Friend

             15 points

get younger sibling ready for the day

15 points

exercise for 20 minutes

25 points

weed in the garden or flower beds

20 points

make a meal

25 points

fold and put away 1 load of laundry

20 points

play with a younger sibling

15 points

extra jobs

determined by mom or dad

special points

determined by mom or dad

Family member

Points earned










movie or netflix time (1 show or movie)

First 5 (50 points) + 50 points

Wii, computer, or playstation (1 hour)

First 5(50 points) plus 50 points

friends (including dates)

First 5(50 points) plus 50 points

popsicle or another treat

First 5(50 points) plus 15 points

dollar store prize

First 5(50 points) plus 30 points

Lateover with a friend

First 5(50 points) plus 100 points

other activities

determined by mom or dad

good things:
kiwi loco frozen yogurt
Benadryl for my allergies
kleenex with lotion for my sore nose


Heidi said...

I love your point system and am excited to try it!
I especially like the bonus points ideas.

Evelyn said...

Fantastic idea Angie! You're such a great mom!

Erika said...

Honestly, HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL?!