Thursday, May 8, 2014


2 years old is such a time of discovery.

I love the boundless energy and excitement that comes with every new discovery.

I also love the way toddlers experiment with new words and try so hard to communicate.

Lately whenever I put my shoes on Landon thinks I must be getting ready to go outside, so his response is always "You going anywhere?"  and then of course "I'm going anywhere?"

He loves books - especially with animals in them.  He knows all the animal names and the sounds they make.  We love to hear him say "kicken" for chicken.  It sounds so funny!

I also love the way he says yes.... sounds like yesh.

He is obsessed with ipods.  He sneaks off with Tanner's, Adri's, or most recently Akayla's iphone (that's inactive but works as an ipod) to watch netflix.  He recognizes the red box and knows how to find his favorite shows (he loves anything with Mickey Mouse, cars or trucks but he'll even watch Barbie if that's all he can find quickly).  He hides behind couches until he's found and then he cries and cries when the ipod is taken away.

He loves getting in the bath, but FREAKS if any water gets on his head.  

He still prefers being clothes-less.  I dress him, and then he takes them off (usually because he'll get a drop of water on them and CAN'T wear wet clothes).  At least he keeps a diaper on.
The family across the street have a boy Anna's age (Adam), and he comes over often.  (He is such a sweet kid, and he likes to talk a lot).  At church he and Anna were talking to the nursery leader about how crazy Landon is.  She was laughing about the way Landon climbs on the tables and they take him off at least 100 times each Sunday.  Adam asked her if he keeps his clothes on during church.  Luckily he does because he can't unbutton his church shirt, but I thought it was funny that Adam probably never sees Landon with pants on.

Landon calls Lea "Honey", and I think it's the cutest thing in the whole world.  I will seriously cry when he grows out of that.

I have to admit..... I sometimes pray that I will go to sleep one night and wake up to find that Landon is 4 years old and much easier to deal with.  I know that's not nice, and I know I should "enjoy all this time with him because it passes so quickly."  I've dealt with 8 other toddlers, and I just don't love this stage.  I don't care what ANYONE says.....  I will NEVER miss the tantrums, the diapers, or the naughtiness that accompanies 2 year olds.  But there are so many moments in my day when Landon is such a sweetheart.  He loves life, and he is a whirlwind of exuberance.  Everything is an adventure with this boy, and I love him like crazy.

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Heidi said...

Sounds so much like my 2 year old... today he decorated the kitchen table with several bottles of fingernail polish and later came to the door completely naked to greet the mailman.