Sunday, May 4, 2014


Corina was lucky enough to be asked to PROM by 2 sweet boys.

Even luckier - since one of them is next week she gets to go with both of them!

PROM #1 was last night.

They had their day date on Friday.  

Deleta (skating rink), picnic at the park, and Farrs Ice Cream.

She had a blast!

Saturday she got all prettied up and they went dancing.

She was with a big group of all her friends, and they had all kinds of fun!

She even learned some new swing dancing moves.

The princess had to rush to bed just before midnight so that she could wake up and do her paper route at 5 a.m.

Back to reality!

getting ready

Can you tell they're drama kids at all???

good things:

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