Sunday, May 4, 2014


We brought Akayla to the MTC on Wednesday.

I wasn't crazy about the way they whisked Akayla off so quickly.

It was all a little overwhelming.

As I was sobbing myself back to the car one of the nice young missionaries there who was watching and helping asked me in all sincerity if she was my little sister. 

It was just the comic relief I needed at that moment.

I know many are concerned about how I'm taking all of this --- I'm not in the pits of despair.

I've done plenty of crying, believe me.

And I will admit it's been a tough week.

I did get a little email the next day which helped ease my mind so much.......

Mommmmmmy!! Apparently they don't have my immunization records, so they told me to email you and tell you to fax them to **************!! Thanks so much!! I'm lovin' the MTC so far! Pretty overwhelming and a bit of a hard adjustment, but I'll get used to it! Btw, p-day is Tuesday! I sent you a letter just today telling you that, but since I was told to email you I thought I'd quickly tell ya :) Love and miss you!

As long as I know she's happy then I can be at peace.

I will miss her like crazy, but I'll be ok!

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