Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Somehow missed a couple of pictures from our Utah trip..... Landon got his lip banged up from a stuffed monkey.  Don't know how he managed it.  The funniest thing was that he was snuggling with it only 2 seconds later.  We all wanted to smash the thing.  It sang a One Direction song incessantly.  It's still haunting me in my dreams!!

And Mason got this balloon stuck to his head - 
it seriously stayed there for a good hour.  It was so funny!

We went to a church picnic.
The highlight of the year for my kids.
There's blow up bouncy toys and delicious hamburgers.
They wait in line for as many icees as they can eat,
and they have the cutest live entertainment.
We are terrible.
(shhhhh....we've been asked to perform every year,
but we usually come up with an excuse.
No-one wants to hear from the same family every year!)

such a precious boy

but don't let the calm, quiet boy fool you.......

Anna's friend Megan!  She's so cute!  We're so sad she's moving!

Our cousins are here for a couple weeks,
and then these girls will be staying with them for 2 weeks
Do you think they'll be sick of each other by then???
NO WAY!!!!

Adri's cute friend Alayna or is it Alaina???  I can never remember!

good things:
green grass
planning vacations

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