Saturday, July 12, 2014

4th of July/ Family Reunion

We got back a few days ago from a wonderful week in Utah.....spending lots of great time with family!

Too bad it went so fast.

It wasn't all great.

There was some sickness, broken down cars, a severed achilles tendon, some treacherous mountains, some stinging nettle, and other unfortunate incidents (to be expected with such a big group haha!), but all-in-all a very successful family reunion!  

2014 will be a memorable one for sure!!

We would rather remember the games, the good (and healthy) food, the great hike, a beautiful cabin, and the best family ever!

4th of July at Grandma & Bumpa's house

I love Landon's face - he just didn't know if he liked that Popper or not!

because we had one broken down car, and another injured driver,
plus we were so nervous driving our motor home down those steep mountain slopes -
we piled several kids in one of the other cars.  This seemed the safest way to go!!

good things:
one more week until NEW YORK!!!

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