Tuesday, August 26, 2014

before school started............

I haven't forgotten my favorite little blog - it's just been so crazy around here.

Kids are back in school today, and Corina is off to BYU tomorrow.  Yikes!

How does time keep flying so quickly?!  

Everyone has had different emotions about the back - to - school thing...... Tanner is completely depressed, Adri is excited and LOVES high school, Anna is not happy - and says she is NOT going back (but it helps that her best buddy Adam Jones is in 2 of her classes), Mariah and Elli both loved it.  Corina has been packing and preparing for a couple of weeks.  She's so ready to go..... and we're ready for her to go.  It's not that we won't miss her.  It's just that SHE IS SO READY!  I don't care what anyone says - it's much easier to send off your 2nd child.  Especially when the 1st has had such great experiences.  I am happy that Corina gets to have her turn now!  

Here's the latest pictures from my camera......

Back to school shopping is always super fun!

My kids are weird.

Tanner had fun dancing with this womannequin....

such a dork!

they insisted on trying these on -
they would never be allowed (or choose) to wear them.

Corina's best friend from New Plymouth (Axl Maberry) came to visit.
He's leaving on a mission soon, and Corina's heading to BYU,
so this is their last chance for quite awhile.
He's a sweetheart, and we love him and his family!
Amazing how friendships can last through the years!

Daddy's best helpers!

Landon is all potty trained....... took just a few days!
He loves his super hero underpants!
this kid is so ready to walk!
but he's a little scared to do it without something
to help him so he pushes everything around - including the dishwasher rack

Lea is super excited to start "school"
We're going to do all kinds of fun school-ish things here at home,
and I'm doing a co-op preschool with friends here!

Summer vacation is already over???!!!!

I will have to do a back to school post another day.
Sigh -- I have to pack up my baby and drive her away from here.
It's a bitter/sweet thing.

good things:
catching up on projects
marking things off my to-do list

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Erika said...

Love Mason's face! Summer is so fun!