Sunday, August 31, 2014


Corina and I drove down to Provo on Wednesday afternoon and went straight to her dorm - the brand new Heritage Halls on campus.

I can't believe how beautiful and spacious it is -- and one of her roommates' mother is an interior decorator, so it is absolutely the most gorgeous apartment on campus.

We got her all moved in, met the roommates, did some grocery shopping, and then we slept hard (at my parent's house) until morning.  

Thursday morning she had freshman orientation, but she had some things that had to be done first so she missed the beginning part.  

She started to freak out a little about being on her own and not knowing anybody.  

Once we got her id card and purchased all of her books she started to calm down a lot.  

It probably helped that she was able to get registered for orientation and she was put in the same group with her roommate, so we got her lunch and went to find her group.

I don't think I could have possibly hand-picked a better roommate for Corina (the one in the actual room with her).

She plays the violin and has read as many books as Corina!  They have so much in common and are already becoming great friends.

It was just a reminder to me that the Lord is mindful of my sweet daughter.

Once we found her group she was ok with me leaving.

I thought it would be easy to leave her, but once we got to that point I was really sad.

She's my sweet girl, and I can't believe she's already old enough to be in college!

This is going to be a wonderful experience for her.

I'm excited to watch my 2nd daughter bloom now the way her older sister has!!

What a joy it is to be a parent - even though it's hard to let them go there are sweet blessings that go with it!

can you believe this beautiful kitchen??!!

cute living room 

outside of the dorm

We had to bring Mason along and he got REALLY tired of the
hours and hours of carrying boxes up and down stairs!

I miss these beautiful mountains!

cute roomie Aimee!
fun show they got to watch the first day at Cougar Stadium!!

they only light up the Y  on the mountain a couple times a year,
 and they got to see one of them!

This boy was probably the hardest for Corina
to say goodbye to......
but she knows it's time to move on -
 college boys here she comes!!

good things:
growing up
happy phone calls
new experiences

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Cami said...

Wow!! I think that is the nicest dorm I've ever seen! I can't believe you've already sent off two kids! It's just around the corner for me, yet it seems so far away! What a sweet day!