Thursday, September 11, 2014


Back to School kind of crept up on me this year.  

And now that we've been in for a couple of weeks and the dust has settled ---- here's the traditional back to school post!

Just for fun.... here are the back to school posts from the past few years:  2013, 2012, 2011 - part 1 and part 2, 2010, 2009 part 1 and part 2, and 2008 -- where does the time go????!!!!)

I planned on taking individual photos of each of the kids, but mornings are so rushed on school days, and then I was suddenly driving Corina to BYU and I never had the chance.  So instead I pulled out some great ones from our photo shoot with my sweet friend Kimberli!  

Tanner-- Junior Highland High School (5'8")
 Favorite Food:  Cereal
Favorite Song/ Music Group:  Demons - Imagine Dragons
Favorite Movie:  Captain America 2
Best Friend(s):  DJ & Zach Buff
Favorite Things to do:  Parkour
Favorite Subject in School: hahahahaha  (actually does like broadcasting tech class and sminary)
New things this Year:  New high school, lots of new friends, bought a nice camera and work with good friend doing filming business (Fuel Media), Teaching Parkour classes at local gym, starting Parkour club at scool, school dances this year

Elora -- 2nd grade
Favorite Food:  pesto pasta & cantaloupe
Favorite Song/ Music Group:  A Thousand Years & Taylor Swift
Favorite Movie:  Maleficent
Best Friend(s):  Kaitlyn & Aubrey
Favorite Things to do: clogging, school & riding bikes
Favorite Subject in School:  Math, Recess, Switch Groups, Writing, & Lunch
New things this year:  started clogging, loves school - doesn't cry every morning & before bed thinking about having to go!, great new teacher, going to turn 8 this year, new bedroom downstairs, and excited to get ears peirced when she's 8!

Adriana -- Freshman Highland High School (5' 4 1/2")
Favorite Food: Spaghetti Pie & Stuffed Shells
Favorite Song/ Music Group:  Taylor Swift, Disney, Musicals, We the Kings, & David Archuletta
Favorite Movie:  Pass :)
Best Friend(s):  Amanda
Favorite Things to do: playing music, biking, tumbling, star gazing, being happy & crazy 
Favorite Subject in School:  all but especially seminary and choir
New things this year:  high school, seminary, stake dances, phone, drivers ed, and youth conference

Annalisa -- 7th grade Alameda Middle School  (4' 11 3/4 ")
 Favorite Food:  Spaghetti & Meatballs
Favorite Song/ Music Group: Imagine Dragons & One Direction  
Favorite Movie: Captain America 2 & Another Cinderella Story 
Best Friend(s):  Jaide & Megan
Favorite Things to do:  Ride Horses & Run
Favorite Subject in School:  English & Math
New things this year:  back to middle school, young women, girls camp, makeup, short hair, new friends, horseback riding lessons, flute lessons, babysitting job, and new bedroom

Mariah -- 5th grade 
Favorite Food:  Pasta Salad
Favorite Song/ Music Group:  Happy & Vocal Point
Favorite Movie:  Lego Movie
Best Friend(s):  Ashley, Alli, Summer, Kambree
Favorite Things to do:  clogging, writing, reading, piano, & singing
Favorite Subject in School:  Science & Writing
New things this year:  Advanced class in clogging, new awesome teacher at school, moved back upstairs when Corina moved out, maybe getting braces off this year??? last year of elementary school, and she says she's awesome (but that's not new!)

Oh how I miss these lovelies........

....but they're doing great, and our family is blessed by the wonderful service they're giving, and the things they're learning!  (But I'll admit we are totally counting down the days until they'll both be home!!)

good things:
Sunday walks
Sunday service
cooking together as a family

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Cami said...

You have the cutest kids!! I love that you keep a list of favorites, they will have fun looking back at that one day. I agree, we DO need to plan a lunch, I would love that!!