Wednesday, September 17, 2014

hold on for dear life!

Do you ever have those weeks when you think you might be going crazy?

You know the kind - when you have way too much to do, and you don't even have a second to breathe let alone sit down and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? 

Last week was a doozy....

It was my turn to teach preschool (co-op with neighborhood moms) -- first in line since my last name starts with F.  And it was only one of the things on my long list of things to do every day.

I really felt like I was running around like a crazy person.

It's totally worth it - and preschool is fun!

When I finally took a second to breathe I read a quote that was exactly what I needed.

It was a perfect reminder for me.......

It was said by President Gordon B. Hinckley right after he read the Proclamation on the family.  He concluded with a blessing upon the women of the church:  "May the Lord bless you, my beloved sisters......May you be strengthened for the challenges of the day.  May you be endowed with wisdom beyond your own in dealing with the problems you constantly face.  May your prayers and your pleadings be answered with blessings upon your heads and upon the heads of your loved ones.  We leave with you our love and our blessing, that your lives may be filled with peace and gladness.  It can be so.  The Lord bless you now and through the years to come, I humbly pray."

I just really needed to let that sink in for a minute and then I smiled.  

Life is so good.

And even amidst the chaos and the hard things - it can be filled with peace and joy!

Today while I was teaching lessons Landon had 3 accidents (I seriously despise potty training......... he always pees in the toilet, but he's afraid to go poop because he might clog it up or something ???? how do I fix this huge problem?????), and Lea came upstairs with b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l  fingernail polish on her nails.  I'm actually being serious because it was pink on the left of all her nails and turquoise on the right.  What 4 year old is that creative??!!  And it was pretty darn straight on her left hand (she's obviously right handed since her right hand was a mess!).  But it was a pretty good day besides all that!  


lions - loud 

Mason's a lion too!

best part about doing preschool at our house is Landon gets to do it too!

following the LEADER and walking on the LINES
coloring in the LINES

science project -- LICKING LEMONS -- (aka torturing kids....hilarious!)

apparently Landon likes lemons!!

Mason cruises the house with this thing!!

Because of all the craziness of the week we skipped right over Mason's first birthday!

We celebrated a couple days late, but the post will have to come later!

good things:
a new week
my understanding husband
baby soft

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Heidi said...

I love all of the fun pictures of preschool activities! The quote is an inspiring reminder.