Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School PART 2

Akayla 1st year Century High School (she's even wearing their colors!!!)

It's official......I am old. Akayla started high school on Monday. She loved it. I'm excited for her because I loved high school, but it makes me sad too because there's only 4 more years left with her being just mine. She was mostly nervous about finding all of her classes, but she did fine. She has a few friends in all of her classes, but she's anxious to make a lot of new friends. She already has a lot of kids that are automatically her friends because they love having her dad as their seminary teacher! She doesn't get to take seminary until 2nd trimester, and she's really excited for that! Of course she saw plenty of hot guys too, but she says she really wants to do well in school and not think so much about the boys (we'll see!).

Corina 1st year (and last) Franklin Middle School

Dave and I both felt really good about letting Corina choose this year whether she wanted to go back to the Academy for 8th grade or if she would like to go to Franklin Middle School. Akayla had a tough year last year with most of the good kids leaving and being stuck with kids that were not nice and who were doing a lot of bad things. We didn't want Corina to have the same problem. The only worry Corina had about changing schools was that she wouldn't be ahead academically when she started high school, but we told her she could be in honors classes and she would be fine! She is loving school so far. She says it's a little hard being the only new girl in the school, but I know she'll get to know people really quickly. She has friends from our ward that go and that she gets to see a lot, and friends that used to go to the Academy.

Tanner 1st year Franklin Middle School

This year we wanted to try something different with Tanner. He really had a tough time at the Academy because it's very restrictive, and he's such a free spirit. I don't want my kids to hate school and he was beyond normal boy-school-hate! We also felt that it would be important for him to be in the same school with the boys in our ward. He doesn't know them very well so it's uncomfortable to go to scouts. At first he said no way but when he heard Corina was also going to go to Franklin he changed his mind pretty quickly! He actually is enjoying school now and says it is really fun.
good things:
figuring out how to open your locker
finding old friends
making new friends
coming home happy after school


Marley Family said...

I'm so glad that the kids are enjoying school this year.

Aceneth Warner said...

Your kids are cute and the girls are such good mix of the both of you, they are beautiful...good luck with those two!lol
My son had the same deal with his locker, I guess it was already taken,lol.

Erin said...

Wow a highschooler! Your kids look so cute all ready for their first day. A lot of the parents up here choose to send their kids to Century. I've heard it is a great school. How are you doing?

The Ridings said...

We so feel Tanner's pain. B is the only boy in our ward that goes to his school due to school boundries and ward boundries being different. He has a hard time at Scouts since all of the other boys hang out with each other at school and church. Hope this helps Tanner out.