Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm baaaaaack!

Oh how I've missed blogging.

I've been a little not myself lately - depression is real people - and blogging has gone to the bottom of my list.

I don't deal well with life when I'm completely overwhelmed, and even though blogging is a hugely important outlet for me I just didn't get to it.

For almost 2 whole months.  Gasp!

Well, February is like a blur --- I can hardly remember anything that happened the entire month even though I know it was crazy busy.

March is nearly over, and HALLELUJAH!  Spring Break is here!

So here's the picture view of some of what went on around here during February and March.

Pretty sure I have hardly any pictures to even show what's been happening, but this is what I've got.....

Elli completely adores Adri
and wants to be just like her when she's big

Adri has some really great friends - and I LOVE having them here!

before the Stake Dance

twinning like Mickey & Minnie

Adri had a vocal recital --
she's amazing!

My friend & I decided we needed to get away and have some fun
so we brought 5 kids to Real Deals & East Idaho Interiors.
Yeah, we're nuts!
They were pretty good, but it would be better to go without them!

I got to go to Time Out For Women in Idaho Falls
with some great friends!
It was just what I needed!

Loved Mercy River SOOOOOO much!

We had a slumber party and stayed up until 3 in the morning.
Seriously so fun!
Too bad we're not kids any more - it was rough the next day!!

Anna went on a Jazz Band Tour

Best part of the day was going out to lunch with her best buds!

Annalisa turned 13 -
that makes 5 teenagers!!

We gave her a 50's party that was a blast!

You know it's a successful party when the kids stay 3 hours
after the party was supposed to end!

Anna and her besties

Anna's best friend Megan

We got to have Savannah come stay the weekend with us
when her parents were out of town.
They've known each other since 1st grade,
 and they're so cute together!

Anna was scared to death to play in the Solo & Ensemble Festival,
but she played great and received a Superior!
The best time of day is when Daddy comes home from work!
Everyone wants his attention!

Elli had friends over so we decorated sugar cookies

Landon had mostly sprinkles on his!

Elli & Avery -- so silly together!

Elli received a special Math award at school

Lea, Landon & Mason always have to tag along,
 but they love going to the Elementary School!

Idaho State Clogging Competition

Their team got 1st place, and Elli got mostly
firsts on her individual events
She got super nervous and didn't do so well at the beginning,
but she got better and better!

We love having a fireplace to warm up by!

Our family was asked to perform at a Fundraiser
for the Idaho Food Bank.
Corina even came up to help us!
My family is crazy!!

Fun group lesson with some of my favorite students!
I love being a music teacher!

It's been so warm!
The kids want to have a picnic outside for lunch every day!

Lea turned 5 so we made our traditional Bubble Gum cake!!

She also got a haircut - I'm loving how easy it is to do every day!

Idaho State clogging competition
Mariah got 1st place on all of her individual events ,
and won the Superstar Award!

Since it was during a school day I had to bring the little kids.
They were good for about a half hour (coloring and watching),
 but that's about all they can take!

Mariah's teams all did very well also -
this Michael Jackson dance won 1st place High Gold!!

Mars & Kambree -- cuties!

Mars went to the temple with her Activity Days group,
and they left little treats on all the cars in the parking lot
with a note to thank all the patrons at the temple that day 

Mariah's Valentine box

Mason's yucky toe -- we have no idea how this happened

Park Day!!

experimenting with selfies!

Fun Shopping Day with my favorites!

It was super foggy so Tanner took a SlenderMan picture - creepy!

Tanner & Adri got to go skiing on their Youth Conference retreat -

Tanner and his adorable best friend, Katie

Mariah's class did a wax museum at school -
She was Hannah Arnett and she did a great job!

Winter Halo

Anna got to go fishing for the first time!

Adri is adorable!

Mariah loves taking pictures and going on adventures!

Our spring break project - finishing our theater room

We decided to also paint our game room a fun happy color -
I like it but Dave hates it!

Dave looks like an old man after sanding drywall all day long!
I still think he's cute!

We had some friends over a couple weeks ago
to have a Venezuelan feast.
Both of our husbands served their missions in Venezuela
so they had lots to talk about.  
And the food was pretty good too!  (This is a picture of the arepas)

I should probably try to not get so behind any more.
That was a lot of pictures!

Now I'm caught up so I can start fresh and work at just regularly posting again.

good things:
getting over a sickness
finishing projects


MamaBug said...

Loved reading this! Great photos. Sorry you have been struggling. I completely understand.

Heidi said...

I love all the pictures of family fun. They make me think of the scripture "living after the manner of happiness." And you look great in your 2nd selfie:)