Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break!

Spring Break in a nutshell:

* worked on the theater room & game room downstairs (nearly finished!)
* got a horrible 24 hour flu and felt like death all day
* beautiful and hot sunny days
* trip to Utah
* Big Hero 6 at the $ theater
* celebrating Mariah's birthday!!
* shopping with grandma
* getting lost at the mall (luckily we found a ride home!)
* game night
* great conversations with my favorites
* ice cream run at 10:00 at night
* Bumpa's birthday
* meeting Daniel's parents & sister (Corina's boyfriend) -- love them already!
* spring cleaning --- haha just kidding!
* Boondocks mini golfing and race cars!
* I got a hole-in-one (lets not discuss how terribly I did on all the other 17 holes!!)
* family birthday party
* cousins!
* listening to my cute girls (Corina & Adri) play the piano and sing together
* grandma's great cooking
* hot tubbing

birthday cupckae

all the Johnson birthdays in March
Happy Happy Birthday!
birthday girl!

Lea wanted to wear silly glasses too

Corina & Daniel
I know you're dying to know some details.... but I can't tell you anything (yet)

It just wasn't long enough at all!  

But we're sure grateful we can bring our mob over sometimes and bombard everyone, and it's pretty great that they still act like they like us even after we leave!

And now..... just 7 1/2 weeks left until Summer break.

The countdown begins!!!

good things:
sleeping in my own bed
my husband loves me
getting a haircut

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