Thursday, May 7, 2015


Corina has always had big plans for her life.

She loves school, and she's so smart.

She didn't plan to get married for a long time because a husband would just get in the way.

Well, sometimes we learn that the Lord has other plans for us!

Enter Daniel.

Corina and Daniel met in December through.......... (drumroll please since this is a completely romantic story) Tinder.  Yep, online dating.

They're both going to school and hadn't met anyone fantastic in their classes.

Daniel was impressed that Corina had said she's "very LDS" on her profile (besides the fact that she is gorgeous of course).  

They hit it off immediately and started dating exclusively pretty quickly.

Fast forward to April.......

Who knew that Corina would be the first one to get married?!!!

She's always had to wait in line behind Akayla for everything!

We even had to buy 2 birthday gifts when it was Akayla's birthday because Corina hated that Akayla had the first birthday of the year.

Well, this time Corina gets to be first.

It's how it's meant to be.

We have spent lots of time with Corina and Daniel together.

There was one time that we went on a double date, and after Dave and I ordered our food and were paying for our meal I looked over at the two of them together...... and I just saw it.

I saw their future
and it felt right to me.

I've been totally ok with everything since that moment.

So people have asked me how I'm doing with having a daughter getting married -- and if you know me and you know how I reacted when I first had to send my daughters off to college you'd think my heart would be broken in a million pieces but it's not!

I'm actually so happy.

It feels so good to me!

I think people tend to look skeptically at young marriage, and they would rather criticize and think that people should wait longer or have more experience before getting married.

Let me tell you one thing I know with ALL MY HEART AND SOUL.

Marriages that work involve 3 people - the couple and God.

Everyone else just needs to keep their noses out of it.

There's a whole heck of a lot of communication involved, and people have to learn how to trust in God and put their own selfish pride in the garbage.  It doesn't matter how old you are, it doesn't matter how much experience you've had, it doesn't matter how much money you have in the bank, it doesn't matter how much schooling you have left, and it certainly doesn't matter what you might want.  If you put it in the Lord's hands everything will be right.

That's how my husband and I have made things work - and we got married when I was 18 years old, and he was only 22.  

It doesn't mean we haven't had struggles, but we have a strong and happy marriage and I wouldn't change anything that we've experienced in our life together so far!

Trials and hard things are going to come along - but what marriage doesn't have those??!

Daniel and Corina have been talking a lot about getting married, and they discussed all the important things before he even proposed.

We made a trip to Utah for a clogging competition, so Dave took the opportunity to spend some good time talking to Daniel also.  

They were engaged on April 23rd, and they will be married June 18th in the Salt Lake Temple.

When I went to Utah for my niece's baptism I kidnapped Corina and brought her back home for a week's worth of wedding planning.

The only way I can get her full attention is to get her away from Daniel for a little bit!

Here's our checklist so far......
  • reception spot
  • dress
  • tables
  • chairs rented
  • linens
  • centerpieces
  • wedding dress
  • working on wedding video
  • bridals and engagement photos scheduled
  • clothes for photos purchased
  • dresses for 4 sisters ordered
  • food for reception agreed upon
And we still have a full day today!  Ugh..... there's still so much to do and we're leaving tomorrow.
I'm sure it will be fine.  

6 weeks to go!

((Ok..... so I should mention right here that no, her sister on a mission will not be back yet.  Sister Ferrara will not be home until October/November (not sure what her release date is yet).  Corina told her that if she wanted her to they would wait for her to get married, but Akayla didn't think they should have to wait 6 months for her to return to get married.  Life goes on even  when missionaries are gone.  It will be so sad not to have her here, but she will be cheering her sister on in the mission field.  And when she returns she'll have a new brother-in-law!  She will actually get to "meet" Daniel on Mother's Day when we all get to skype her!  And Akayla knows that this is the Lord's timing so she feels at peace with Corina's choice to get married even though she would love to be here! ))

good things:
happy news
finding the perfect dress
no fighting


CandyMickey said...

I remember when Jeremy and I first got married I was so embarrassed to tell me how old I was because I thought they would judge me as one of those marriage crazy mormon girls. And even in our first ward I did have a few insensitive comments about it, making me really not want to tell people. But I am so grateful that I got married when I did and I know it was the right thing for me and my husband. I've loved how we've transitioned into adulthood together and how close and strong of a relationship we have.

Kassie said...

How very exciting!! I was married at 19 and wouldn't change a thing. We have worked and learned and accomplished much together and it binds us to each other so strongly. Wishing them much happiness :)

Kassie said...

P.s. My oldest son found his wife on an LDS dating website. Used to sound strange but not so uncommon anymore :)

Erin said...

So excited for you all, especially Corina! I was barely 19 when James and I got married and don't regret it in the least, besides, i think they've chosen an awesome date :)